Editing Services

You know what you want to say, but you need help expressing it with style and clarity.

That’s where I come in. Editing is my geeky passion. I’ve got a knack for choosing the right word, rearranging confusing sentences, and sorting out grammatical tangles. Polishing other people’s writing comes naturally to me–and I love to do it.

I work with a variety of genres–memoir, fiction, nonfiction, essays–and have the expertise to make your writing as clear and professional as it needs to be. It’s not my job to change your unique voice or ideas; I’ll simply ensure that your work is engaging, clear and precise.

Clients say:

“Kate Haas is the kind of editor writers dream of working with and and publishers thank their lucky stars to have on their side. She is brilliant at helping the author reflect carefully, dig deep, revise areas that need improvement, and produce his or her very best work for publication. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Shari MacDonald Strong, editor The Maternal is Political: Women Writers at the Intersections of Motherhood and Social Change

Kate Haas edits with extraordinary precision and skill. Every change or suggestion she made improved my writing without losing any of my voice.” –Tami Lynn Kent, MSPT, author  of Wild Feminine

As a self-publisher, I wanted a high-quality book that could hold its own in a competitive market. Kate helped organize my thoughts, gave objective advice, and suggested ideas that really strengthened my writing.” –Darin Furry, author of Beyond Sagebrush


I offer three levels of editing to suit your needs:

Light: correction of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and basic structural errors.

Medium: light copyediting, as well as the flagging of problem areas.

Heavy: above services, plus improving style, structure, content and flow; revision of awkward or ambiguous sentences, attention to paragraph transitions and vocabulary; revising problem areas.

Rates: My basic rate is $40 per hour.

Email me at oceanreader@gmail.com to discuss your project.