A Muslim and a Jew Decorate the Tree – The Boston Globe Magazine
A refugee teaches me about a Baghdad Christmas tradition.

Insomnia and Anxiety: the odd couple that kicked this woman into gear Headspace
In which I learn that thinking positive is not just a bunch of hoo-ha.

Hosting Refugees Has Taught My Family What America Is – Slate
It’s easy to feel depressed about our country these days, but our guests give me hope.

Rocket Science – Full Grown People
Money, marriage, and my first job interview in 17 years.

The Case for Bribing Kids to Memorize Poetry – The New York Times
An hour of Minecraft for memorizing a poem by Keats? That could work.

Strangers on a Plane – The Boston Globe Magazine
Getting help for my fear of flying from an unexpected source.

Beautiful Brain, Child (PDF)
What to do when a three-year-old boy wants a dress?

Sleep to Wake – Full Grown People
The New York Times called this one “a magnificent meditation on how insomnia steals you away from your life and your family.”

Why I Regret Letting My Teen Sign Up for an AP Course – The Washington Post
The whole point was a regimen of tests while hurtling from the prehistoric era to the 21st century.

Hey, Who Plays the Cello? – The New York Times
The story of my twelve-year-old, his cello, and a guy we met at a party.

My Hero (the other) Chuck Norris – The Boston Globe Magazine
As far as I’m concerned, my stepfather is the real action hero.

The Secret Life – Brain, Child
We were a couple of overwhelmed, exhausted new mothers. I thought our friendship would last forever.

Marry Me Again – The Boston Globe Magazine
A small ritual for each time we reunite.

A Nun at Purim – The Forward
Is it disrespectful to don a nun costume?

My Kids Don’t Love to Read – The Week
I’ve made my peace with it.

‘Swallows and Amazons’ Forever – The Washington Post
Why a now-obscure children’s novel is still great summer reading

Teaching Hitler With Song – OZY
At my Waldorf school, history meant long-dead kings–until one substitute teacher changed everything.

Making Memories, the Old Fashioned Way – The Washington Post
Why I make old-school photo albums in this digital age.

Out in the Woods, Away Out There – Full Grown People
Love makes us do crazy things. Like get nearly eaten by bears.

The Surprising Joy of Hideous Maternity Clothes – Salon
My mom saved her old maternity clothes. For me.

The Baby Corps  – Full Grown People
How I used Peace Corps recruitment lingo to make my parents an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Under the Knife – Full Grown People
Medical memoirs and TV hospital dramas weren’t my best preparation for surgery, after all.

If At First You Don’t Sukkah Succeed – Kveller
Despite my lack of crafty cred, I become strangely obsessed with building a festive harvest hut.

A Little Stranger – Brain, Child
A medical drama with a very weird twist.

Mad About Sports – Brain, Child
A bookish, sports-hating mother gives birth to a natural athlete.

TV-Free – Babble
Admitting to not owning a television can be sticky.