Hosting Refugees Has Taught My Family What America Is – Slate
It’s easy to feel depressed about our country these days, but our guests give me hope.

Rocket Science – Full Grown People
Money, marriage, and my first job interview in 17 years.

The Case for Bribing Kids to Memorize Poetry – The New York Times
An hour of Minecraft for memorizing a poem by Keats? That could work.

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Getting help for my fear of flying from an unexpected source.

Sleep to Wake –Full Grown People
The New York Times called this one “a magnificent meditation on how insomnia steals you away from your life and your family.”

Why I Regret Letting My Teen Sign Up for an AP Course – The Washington Post
The whole point was a regimen of tests while hurtling from the prehistoric era to the 21st century.

Hey, Who Plays the Cello? – The New York Times
The story of my twelve-year-old, his cello, and a guy we met at a party.

My Hero (the other) Chuck Norris – The Boston Globe Magazine
As far as I’m concerned, my stepfather is the real action hero.

The Secret Life – Brain, Child
We were a couple of overwhelmed, exhausted new mothers. I thought our friendship would last forever.

Marry Me Again – The Boston Globe Magazine
A small ritual for each time we reunite.

A Nun at Purim – The Forward
Is it disrespectful to don a nun costume?

My Kids Don’t Love to Read The Week
I’ve made my peace with it.

‘Swallows and Amazons’ Forever – The Washington Post
Why a now-obscure children’s novel is still great summer reading

Teaching Hitler With Song – OZY
At my Waldorf school, history meant long-dead kings–until one substitute teacher changed everything.

Making Memories, the Old Fashioned Way – The Washington Post
Why I make old-school photo albums in this digital age.

Out in the Woods, Away Out There – Full Grown People
Love makes us do crazy things. Like get nearly eaten by bears.

The Surprising Joy of Hideous Maternity Clothes – Salon
My mom saved her old maternity clothes. For me.

The Baby Corps  – Full Grown People
How I used Peace Corps recruitment lingo to make my parents an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Under the Knife – Full Grown People
Medical memoirs and TV hospital dramas weren’t my best preparation for surgery, after all.

If At First You Don’t Sukkah Succeed – Kveller
Despite my lack of crafty cred, I become strangely obsessed with building a festive harvest hut.

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A medical drama with a very weird twist.

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A bookish, sports-hating mother gives birth to a natural athlete.

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Admitting to not owning a television can be sticky.