What’s a zine? A self-published magazine about anything at all. For ten years, Miranda was mine, all about motherhood and other adventures. In lively, thoughtful essays and reviews, Miranda covered books, life with small boys, Peace Corps Morocco, lost companions–and always, a recipe. People liked it a lot:

“Funny, eloquent, insightful and touching…Miranda showcases a truly capable and interesting voice. Twenty-eight pages but seemed much shorter, so enjoyable was it. In fact, my primary reaction upon finishing it was to want more. I’ll definitely be reading the next issue and looking for previous issues.”
The Oregonian

“One of my all-time favorite zines in the universe…Kate is a talented storyteller, sharing moments from her life as a mother, wife, writer, and world traveler. I cannot praise Miranda enough.”
Xerography Debt

Bitch Magazine

“Picking up Miranda: Motherhood and Other Adventures is such a joy. Yep, Kate Haas is a hip mom, but she doesn’t bask in the glory of feeding her kids homemade baby food and using organic cotton diapers. She simply raises her children naturally in a warm home and updates her readers about twice a year in her delightful zine.”


Miranda is currently on long-term hiatus, but back issues are still available. Get yours!

Order via paypal to oceanreader (at) gmail (dot) com or contact me (same address) for mail order instructions.

Number 21 $3; Back issues $2

Here’s what you’ll find inside:


Miranda 21 

Promotion: My kid doesn’t hate school the way I did, which feels like a big achievement.

A Visit to Vanity Fair: My glamorous sister dresses me for a night on the town.

How to Hem Your Jeans (so they won’t look dorky): A step-by-step guide.

So You Want to Build A Sukkah: Despite my lack of crafty cred, I become strangely obsessed with constructing a festive harvest hut.

Plus: The Motel of Lost Companions revisits a new-mother friendship that soured; hitchiking with kids; thoughts on revisiting Narnia, a double-spread of book reviews, my family meets a bear, a Moroccan encounterat the grocery store, and the best hamentashen recipe.


Miranda 20

A Little Stranger: A tale of medical drama.

Sweet Chebakia: Sure, Ramadan’s tough. But Moroccans have this delectable treat to anticipate.

What is Cool? Good question, son. My attempt to impart the mysteries of style (at least for my kid, it won’t be velour.)

At the Tracks: Travel back in time to a shocking era when parents allowed their kids to play unsupervised at the railroad tracks.

Under the Knife: An early version of my Full Grown People essay, about first-time surgery.

Plus: another batch of book recommendations; a recipe for strawberry cake; the Motel of Lost Companions revisits a candlelit Moroccan night; and stray thoughts on the ultimate fate of Lego men, the triumph of getting small boys hooked on A Little Princess, and why middle school girls wear those tight jeans.


Miranda 19

Rochambeau: a new town, a first job, and a whole heap of uncertainty.

Frivolous: True confession: I love the New York Times wedding announcements – and so does my nine-year-old son.

The Tintin Effect: How a series of classic comics informs my kid’s world view.

The Passion: The good teachers had it. I did not.

Plus: The Motel of Lost Companions encounters a ghost; lots more book reviews; stray thoughts on hipsters vs. hippies, the toddler love of sticks, and an April Fool joke you shouldn’t try. Also, overheard in the blueberry field and an excellent recipe for challah.


Miranda 18

Kubla Khan in Morocco: how the crushing heat of a North African summer inspired me to memorize a classic poem.

Not the Austins: I wanted my family to be artistic and literary, like Madeleine L’Engle’s fictional clan. Let’s see how that worked out.

Homegrown Rituals: A peak into some of our seasonal celebrations. Hint: we like fire.

Swallows and Amazons Forever: Why my kids and I love a series of eighty-year-old British books.

Bad Decision: “What bad decisions do people make?” Oho, little boy, don’t get me started!

The Lab Man: A blood draw teaches me a thing or two about parenthood.

Plus: My boys love Freddie Mercury; the Motel of Lost Companions goesback to high school; more book reviews; stray thoughts on the geeky nature of yours truly, odd kid questions, and the shocking truth aboutvolunteering in school; also, a recipe for scrumptious cheese puffs.


Miranda 17

Waldorf School Drop-out: Gnomes and knitting don’t mean a thing when you’ve got the teacher from hell.

Love Object: Mama’s got a crush. Big time.

Library Ethics: Using your kid’s card to reserve extra books for yourself – clever stratagem or unethical scam? Readers weigh in.

Stocking Up for Winter: Ma Ingalls never froze pesto, but she’s my inspiration.

Book Luck: When you finally get that long-awaited library book, who knows what the literary wheel of fortune really holds in store?

Plus: the Motel of Lost Companions revisits an old babysitting gig; more book reviews; stray thoughts on knights, breasts, and the girth of theEmpire State Building; and a recipe for the most delectable parmesan chicken you’ll ever make.